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Why Your Business Needs an UPS System in Today’s Marketplace

A stable electrical supply is critical for modern businesses. Factors such as severe storms or electrical faults mean that outages are inevitable. Here’s how you can prevent losses and boost productivity by installing an efficient UPS (uninterruptible power supply) unit.

Prevent the Loss of Income

Businesses in the Concho Valley rely on a stable electrical supply for day-to-day tasks. Most entrepreneurs often need POS systems and computers to complete customer orders. That means extended outages that last more than a few minutes can lead to a considerable loss of income.

Retail businesses without an UPS system can lose thousands of dollars in spoiled goods. Low voltages can damage the refrigeration system. Therefore, even a brownout will force you to switch off your fridge to avoid expensive equipment repairs in the future.

Ensure Business Continuity and Eliminate Downtime

Besides losing income for your business, your reputation is also at risk. In today’s competitive marketplace, your customers expect a speedy resolution.

Extended downtimes will encourage your customers to turn to the competition. Employees may have to repeat tasks like updating records after the power returns. All these factors will have an impact on your brand’s image.

Safeguard Your Equipment Against Electrical Loss

Erratic weather and a rise in energy demands have led to frequent cases of power interruptions in the Concho Valley. Sometimes there is a surge in voltage after the power is restored. Electrical surges can damage electronics like computers, refrigerators, and TVs. You can switch off your valued electronics and wait for the power to return, but that would mean denying your customers essential services.

Installing an UPS power supply unit is one way you can prevent losses after an outage. An UPS system provides a stable voltage output for your electronic equipment.

A line interactive UPS will monitor electrical power and reconnect only when the levels are safe. It incorporates multiple filters to detect spikes and surges. Before installing a backup system on your business premises, consult the certified electricians at Legacy Electric for the best solutions in San Angelo. We can also set you up with a generator for extended power outages.

Boost Your Business With Data Protection

Power outages can also corrupt files and cause loss of critical customer information. Computers are sensitive to the slightest change in voltage. Several minutes of power interruptions could have far-reaching implications for your IT system.

An UPS system protects your computers and helps businesses avoid hours of lost work. A basic standby system will allow staff to back up data and switch off machines safely.

You could opt to install a double conversion UPS system that is always online. Double conversion systems have zero transfer times. Their consistent power supply is ideal for data-centers and hosting applications.

The UPS system you install will depend on whether your application is mission-critical. Our certified electricians can guide you when choosing a suitable UPS system for your business. Call Legacy Electric for professional electrical solutions in San Angelo, TX.