Electrician working in a residential electrical system

Common Reasons Your Light Switch Crackles When You Use It

Many of the homes in San Angelo, Texas were built in the 1960s and 1970s, which means that many of them are prone to electrical issues. If you live in an older home or spend a lot of time in the building, there are times when you may start to notice issues that develop with your light switches. If your light switch starts to crackle when you turn it on, there are a few common causes of the issue to investigate with the help of an electrician.

Faulty Wiring Due to Wear and Tear

In most cases, the switch wiring may have become faulty due to normal wear and tear. This allows the electricity to escape from its pathway and starts to create an arc while bridging the gap with the electricity, which can cause a crackling sound. Wires are known to wear out quickly in residential homes due to how frequently the light switches are used by residents each day, making this a common issue. Hire a professional from a company like Legacy Electric in San Angelo to install a new light switch to ensure it starts to make contact between both of the terminals.

Wires Installed Incorrectly

If you live in a newer home, your light switch may crackle if the wires were installed incorrectly. They may also start to come loose. Mistakes can occur during the electrical installation process, or the wiring may have been faulty out of the packaging.

Newer light switches include wires that are attached to the back through multiple holes and don’t come with standard terminal screws. Avoid attempting to install the light switch yourself because it can be easy to connect the wrong wires, especially if they’re not color-coded.

Damaged Wiring Due to Pests

In some cases, the wires can suffer from a lot of wear and tear if they’ve been chewed by insects and pests in the building. A professional will need to perform a thorough inspection to determine all of the causes of the crackling sounds to decide if repairs or replacements are needed. Installing new wiring is also a step that can be taken by a professional electrician to restore their operation.

If you’re interested in learning more about why your light switch crackles when you turn it on in your home, you can reach out to our team at Legacy Electric in San Angelo. Our team is happy to help you and will help you schedule our services for your residential property.