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Residents of West Texas have many options when they need a Sanora, TX electrician. However, at Legacy Electric, we believe that our customers deserve the best electrical service in Sonora, TX, and we are determined to deliver nothing short of that lofty expectation. Our family-owned business is run by a third-generating electrician who knows it takes more than a license to provide top-quality work in this demanding and competitive industry.

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Why Choose Legacy Electric?

If you have never worked with our company, you might be wondering why we set such high expectations for our customers. So let us answer that question for you by explaining why we know we can live up to our pledge to be the best electrical company in Sonora, TX:

Please give us a call at (325) 221-3616 for your next electrical project or when you have a concern about any electrical problem in your home. Our staff is sure to meet and exceed your expectation in every aspect of your interaction with our team.

Backup Generators

When the weather turns against West Texas, it can be days before the power company restores your electrical service. And in that time, you have suffered from no heat or AC, fresh food, or possibly water if you need to operate a well pump. The simple solution is the installation of a backup generator in Sonora, TX. The units our team install, repair, and service are large enough to power your entire home, including your HVAC and essential appliances.

EV Charging Stations

As electric vehicles become more and more popular, the need for an EV charger in Sonora, TX becomes almost essential. Soon, most vehicles will have an electrical component that will save you time and money, as long as you have a charger at your house. Our team is excited to get a taste of the electric vehicle wave as we help customers select the ideal charging station to meet their needs and budget.

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Code Upgrades And Compliance

Older homes have a great deal of character. But what they are often lacking are the safety features required by today’s electrical codes. When you begin a renovation or addition to your home, it is essential that you include code upgrades to Sonora, TX standards in your project. Our licensed electricians have the knowledge and expertise needed to get your home in compliance so that your construction project finishes on time and within budget.

Commercial Electrical Work

Unfortunately, finding a commercial electrician in Sonora, TX who is responsive and affordable can be a tall order. However, the Legacy Electric team offers all of the commercial services you need for your property. But with the same exceptional level of customer service and affordable price, you would expect from a residential electrician. We offer repairs, upgrades, additions to your existing electrical service, and 24/7 emergency service to ensure that you never need to worry about the safety of your commercial property.

Complete Lighting Service

Many electricians do not offer lighting in Sonora, TX because they feel these jobs are too small or not worth their time. However, as a full-service electrical company, we are glad to assist you with any project, including:

For the most reliable and professional electrical service in Sonora, TX, call (325) 221-3616. The family-owned and operated Legacy Electric team is excited to begin earning your trust and business today and for life with high-quality electrical work, exceptional pricing, and unequaled customer service. In addition, we stand behind all of our work with a complete warranty.

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