A dangerous situation shown with a burnt electronical socket

4 Tips for Avoiding Electrical Accidents

The modern-day convenience that electricity offers is so much a part of our lives that it can become easy to forget that electricity-related accidents can pose threats to our health and safety. Electrical accidents cause death for hundreds of Americans each year, and thousands more become severely injured. The good news is that preventing electrical accidents at home is easy to do when following these four tips.

1. Keep Electronics and Appliances Away From Water

Electricity and water are a bad combination because when they mix, it typically results in electrocution. Keep your appliances and electronics away from water to avoid significant injury or death. In the event that you accidently drop one of your appliances or electronics in water while using it, shut off your electricity at the main power supply before unplugging or retrieving it. Also, have the appliance or electronic inspected once it is dried out before attempting to use it again.

2. Never Ignore Frequent Circuit Braker Trips

If you find that a circuit braker trips frequently, you must investigate the cause because this means there is a problem present. Sometimes, the problem can be as simple as having too many high-powered appliances or electric devices overloading one circuit, or it can be the result of a faulty appliance. Circuit brakers can also trip frequently when wiring becomes old or damaged or when the circuit brakers are deteriorating. If you are not overloading your circuit brakers and they continue to trip, you must contact an electrician to inspect your electrical system.

3. Leave All Electrical Repairs to the Experts

Even if you feel like you can make electrical repairs yourself, it is not a good idea to attempt this because you may make a mistake that can lead to disaster. Electricians have years of training that you will not have. To become a Journeyman Electrician in the state of Texas, you must engage in classroom learning, complete 8,000 hours of work in the field as an apprentice under a Master Electrician, provide verification of work completed in the field, pay the application fee to take the exam, pass the exam, and then obtain a Journeyman Electrician license.

To become a Master Electrician, you must work 12,000 hours as an apprentice under a licensed Master Electrician, have held a Journeyman License for at least two years, and pass the Master Electrician’s exam. Journeyman and Master Electricians must renew their licenses yearly and complete four hours of continual education annually. All of this training makes it possible for our team to keep your electrical system up to code.

4. Do Not Operate Power Tools When Rain Is Predicted in the Forecast

San Angelo, TX receives on average of 21.23 inches of rainfall each year. When rain is in the forecast, it is advantageous for you not to attempt to operate any power tools in these conditions because when the rain falls, you risk getting electrocuted. It is best to wait to use power tools on sunny days.

If you suspect there are any problems with your home’s electrical system or want to play it safe, call Legacy Electric for an inspection by dialing (325) 221-3616. We can let you know if any problems are amiss and construct an action plan for fixing them.