Wiring in domestic consumer unit circuit breaker.

Different Kinds of Electricians

You may have had the opportunity to have a licensed electrician in your home to make sure your wiring was safe or to repair or replace it if it wasn’t. This was most likely a residential electrician. Here is a partial list of electricians:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Construction


The residential electrician is the one that maintains, upgrades, and troubleshoots your home electrical system. This not only includes your lighting but also your main panel, surge protector, and all your internal wiring. These professionals usually work for a contractor.


Commercial electricians do much of the same work as residential electricians. However, since they do this work in a commercial setting, they do it on a much larger and more complex scale. Commercial electricians also install security systems and help other professionals install HVAC systems.


Industrial electricians inspect, check, install, and maintain electrical systems in very large commercial spaces such as factories and power plants. Their province is even broader than that of the commercial electricians. For example, industrial electricians service the electrical needs of computer systems that run whole industries.


Construction electricians are responsible for setting up electrical systems in new buildings. This means installing the wiring for HVAC systems as well as security and lighting. Because of this, construction electricians work with residential, industrial, and commercial systems. They must also be cognizant of the building codes and other details.

Other types of electricians include:

  • Highway systems
  • Automotive
  • Marine

Highway Systems

If you wonder who is responsible for repairing a traffic light that goes out, the highway system electrician is that person. These electricians are responsible for the electrical systems that help keep roads and highways safe.


Since automobiles also need their electrical system, there are electricians who specialize in setting them up. These electricians need to have a deep understanding of automotive vehicles and how electrical systems function within them.


Marine electricians are highly specialized professionals who install, maintain, and repair the electrical systems found in seafaring vessels. Training for this is a specialty learned at shipyards.

Other types of electricians are specialists who serve aircraft systems, repair and rewind electrical machines, and deal with electrical instrumentation. There are electricians who only service low voltage systems and electricians who build electrotechnical panels.

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