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Tips to Safeguard Your Home Against Electrical Hazards

For a safe home all year round, you should be aware of the many parts and components of your home’s electrical system. Have you ever heard of AFCI and GFCI outlets, for example? Are you aware of the benefits of whole-house surge protection? Do you know how to get it? Well, if you live in San Angelo, TX, we’ve got you covered. At Legacy Electric, we can help you with safeguarding your home against electrical hazards. Check out the following tips to keep your home safe.

Practice Safety First

One of the first rules of electrical safety is to always disconnect electrical devices from their power source before attempting to do any work on them. Whether you need to change your vacuum’s belt or remove a piece of burnt bread from your toaster, attempting to do so with the device still connected to power can cause electrical shock and power surges that can damage your electrical system.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Most homeowners know that they need to schedule regular maintenance to prevent issues with their cars and home appliances like HVAC systems, but many neglect to schedule regular preventive maintenance for their electrical systems. Having an electrician look over your outlets, lighting, breaker box, and electrical panel will ensure that everything is in good working order. If a problem is found, they can provide repairs to keep them from causing an electrical hazard.

Don’t Overload Outlets

All electrical outlets are designed to carry a certain power load. When this load is exceeded, it can lead to tripped breakers, overheated wiring, and even electrical fires. Overloading can happen when you have too many high-ampere appliances plugged into a single outlet. Using extension cords and plug adapters to increase how many things can be plugged into an outlet will also cause overloading. An electrician from Legacy Electric can inspect your outlets and let you know how much power they can handle.

Make Electrical Checks Part of Your Seasonal Upkeep

With warm temperatures in San Angelo, TX, the fall is a great time for home maintenance tasks both inside and outside. While you’re cleaning gutters, trimming trees, and decluttering, why not start a new tradition of taking some time to inspect everything electrical in your home? Check for frayed cords, old extension cords, and outdated appliances. Better yet, get a professional opinion on your home’s electrical safety.

Contact Us Today for a Safer Home Tomorrow

San Angelo is a great place to live, and you can ensure that it’s also a safe place to live by protecting your home and family from electrical hazards. This is easy to do with a few actions on your part. You can also call us at Legacy Electric to schedule an electrical inspection or other services.