Electric bill charges paper form on the table

Learn the Facts About Faulty Wiring and Your Power Bill

Older homes have a lot of charm, and a fixer-upper can save you a lot when you buy a home. The downside is that the wiring system can be faulty. Obviously, this can be dangerous, but you may not realize the wiring is why your power bill is so high no matter how much you try to save energy. We’ll review some causes of higher bills and what you can do.

Other Causes of High Bills

If you see a higher bill, it may not be faulty wiring. There are a few common causes, and if you can rule these out, it is worth calling a qualified electrician to check your wiring and code compliance. These can include:

  • Using more heating or cooling
  • An increase in the cost of your electricity
  • New appliances
  • Poor seals that make your HVAC system work harder

All of these things can cause higher bills, and you can take different steps to fix them. As we all know, electricity prices can fluctuate here in San Angelo, so your rate may be higher than it was last year. Also, summers here can be rough, so you may just be running the AC more than you realized.

One thing to note is that if you replaced old appliances with energy-efficient versions, you should not be seeing a higher bill. This is worth having an electrician look into it and make sure everything is working properly.

Faulty Wiring and Your Bills

Frayed, damaged, or overloaded wires are a major fire hazard. They can also cause damage to your appliances since they may not carry the right amount of power or have surges that wear them out faster.

Weak wires or damage can cause your appliances to use more electricity just to operate normally. If you ever notice your appliances cutting off at random or flickering lights, this may be the reason. A qualified electrician can test your outlets and lights to find the source of the issue.

Trust Legacy Electric to Find Faulty Wiring

You don’t need to suffer from higher bills solely because of old wiring. Legacy Electric has the knowledge to find and fix any wiring issues. An experienced electrician will thoroughly check your home and make sure there aren’t any hidden issues. We will also make sure your home is up to code for San Angelo. Don’t wait and rack up a higher bill. Contact us today.