Great Ways To Save On The Cost Of Holiday Lighting

Holiday lights are one of the best ways to add a festive feel to your home. It lets you spread cheer among family members and everyone driving by your home when you indulge in some outdoor holiday décor. Some residents in San Angelo carry the festive tradition to their vehicles, boats, RVs, and office space. But one of the major drawbacks to this holiday project can be the cost. Fortunately, several tips can help you deck your halls without busting the holiday budget.

Smart Ways To Save On Holiday Lighting

  • Switch To LED Lights – Just like the lights you use year-round, LED holiday lights will use roughly 90% less electricity than older incandescent lights. And they will last years longer because you never need to worry about breaking the delicate filament inside the traditional lightbulbs. So invest wisely in LED holiday lighting to enjoy saving for many years to come.
  • Use Lighting Timers – After all your hard work hanging outside lights, you want everyone to enjoy them. But it can be easy to forget to turn the lights off as you are trudging to bed after a long day. Invest a few dollars in a timer that will turn the lights off for you automatically. It will also turn them on in case you are not home at dusk. So you can enjoy arriving home to a colorful and festive holiday scene thanks to a few dollars invested in a time. The savings on electricity this holiday season are sure to cover the cost of the timers that you can continue to use year after year for added savings.
  • Harness The Sun’s Power – Many large holiday lighting displays are offered with a solar panel that will store power all day and light your display for free. These solar holiday lighting options are a great way to economize as long as you have a sunny place to locate the solar panel during the day. Solar path lights are also an affordable way to light the path to your door and keep guests safe as they visit this holiday season.
  • Be A Smart Shopper – With the holidays just around the corner, there might not be as many great deals on new LED holiday lights. But rest assured that on December 26th, holiday lighting deals will abound. If you cannot stock up on LED lights for this season, make sure you are ready to shop for bargains for next year.
  • Try An Old-Time Tradition – When it comes time to light your walkways for holiday guests, think about going back to the older tradition of candle-lit walks. Use mason jars to hold the flickering candles to add a quaint and inviting feel to your home this holiday.

Don’t let a tight budget this season eliminate the fun of holiday lighting and décor. Instead, use these money saving tips and know that should you encounter any electrical issues this holiday season, you can call (325) 221-3616 or click here to reach the pros at Legacy Electric for a fast solution.