Why Would I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

When you can turn on your lights, run your San Angelo home’s air conditioner at will, and use electric appliance, why would you ever consider upgrading your electrical panel? If someone were to suggest it to you, you might think that this is just a scam project that electricians use to make some extra money when business is slow. However, this is a legitimate service that you might need more than you could ever realize.

What Is An Electrical Panel?

It helps to understand exactly what your electrical panel is and the job that it performs all day, every day. Some people call it an electrical panel, while others refer to it as a breaker box. But regardless, it is the location where all of the power comes into your home from your utility provider. Inside the box, the power is broken down into circuits that each have a breaker or switch. This switch allows you to turn off the power to specific parts of your home.

But the breakers also work as a safety feature. They regulate the amount of electricity going through the wires in your walls and floors. In the event of a power spike, surge, or a short in the wiring, the breaker trips to cut the flow of electricity. This safety feature saves you and your home from potentially life-threatening electrical fires. And it protects your electronics and appliances from damage due to a surge or spike.

If It Is Not Broken, Why Replace It?

You might think that your electrical panel must be in perfect condition because everything in your home that is electric is working. But everything wears out, even your electrical panel. And when it does, there is a significant increase in the potential for bad things to happen in your home. An inspection by a licensed electrician is the best way to ensure the safety and integrity of your home’s electrical panel.

Time For An Upgrade

Homes built a few decades ago only offered 60 amp service. But in those days, that was all that was needed. But think about all of the modern conveniences added to homes over the last 20 – 30 years. You have multiple huge televisions, more appliances including dishwashers, microwave ovens, and tons of new electronics and electric kitchen appliances. But many homes are trying to operate all of these contemporary luxuries with the same old 60 amps of power. And it is not working very well. It is overloading circuits, wiring, and your electrical panel.

It is time to call in a licensed electrician if you begin to notice:

  • Flickering lights
  • Lights that dim when appliances turn on
  • You feel a slight electrical shock when touching an appliance or light switch
  • You notice the odor of something burning
  • You see sparks coming from outlets
  • You notice burnt or scorched marks on outlets
  • You feel heat coming from outlets or your electrical panel
  • You hear crackling sounds coming from outlets

These indicate that there are significant problems with your home’s electrical system that you should not ignore.

Renovations And Remodels

When you are undertaking a home renovation, remodel, or addition, you should consider an electrical upgrade. Trying to extend existing circuits and make do with your current electrical service is often a hazardous choice. And because you already have the base structure of your home exposed, this is a very cost-effective time to make the electrical changes you need.

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