What To Do When Circuit Breakers Trip

It could be that a storm has just passed through the San Angelo area, or there could be issues with the grid that caused a breaker in your home to trip. But regardless of the reason, it is essential to understand how to proceed carefully when addressing a tripped breaker or any electrical issue in your home. Remember, if you are ever unsure about how to safely move forward due to an electrical problem, the safe and smart choice is a call to (325) 221-3616 for emergency 24-hour help from the licensed electricians at Legacy Electric.

As soon as the breaker trips, it is vital to turn off all the devices that are plugged into the circuit. This includes lights, electronic devices, and appliances. You can also unplug these items before heading to the electrical panel to explore the issue further for added safety. Turning the devices off and unplugging them ensures that they cannot be damaged when you attempt to reset the breaker.

Locating The Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is typically located in a safety enclosure that is metal. It could be in the basement, laundry room, or other utility-type space. The electrical panel could be behind a cabinet door or removable panel if the room is finished. If you have trouble locating the electrical panel, keep in mind that it will be near the point where the electrical service enters your home.

Looking For The Tripped Breaker

Ideally, each breaker is labeled so you can read the locations and know which breaker is the issue. In addition, there are visual clues like the lever pointing in the opposite direction from all the others or a red off indicator near the center of the breaker switch. If more than one breaker is tripped, you will want to reset them individually.

Resetting A Breaker

Once you have located the tripped breaker or selected the tripped breaker to reset first, slide the switch to the on position. It will require more force than turning on a typical light switch. And it should make a loud click sound to indicate that it is back on. The power should now be restored to the part of your home that blacked out. If the breaker trips immediately after you reset it, leave it off and call (325) 221-3616 or click here to schedule emergency service from the licensed electricians at Legacy Electric.

Checking Your Work

As long as the breaker remains in the on position after being reset, you can return to the area where you turned off and unplugged devices and appliances. Then, begin to turn appliances back on and plug in the devices you unplugged. If there are no further issues, the circuit should be fine. However, if the breaker trips again as you turn devices back on, call (325) 221-3616 or click here for professional help to repair the issue and avoid a potential electrical fire or hazard in your home. The licensed electricians at Legacy Electric are here 24/7 to ensure your safety from any electrical hazards in your home.