interior of a custom kitchen

Protect Your Loved Ones and Your Property With Safe Indoor Lighting

Changing up the lighting in your home is a wonderful way to both update your space and save on utility bills. New LED technology has helped break away from the former “cold” look of bulbs that generate a lot less heat and burn much less power than incandescent bulbs. If you’re considering redecorating any area of your house, redesigning the space with new light fixtures can really refresh your rooms.

Pendant Lighting

Adding pendant lighting is a wonderful way to both improve your task lighting and brighten an entire space. Because pendant lights hang down from the ceiling, you can use them over a gaming table or above your kitchen island. Even better, these fixtures can throw light both down onto a work surface and up onto your ceiling and high walls.

New choices in pendant lighting can create a cozy, quiet feel or generate a bright, filtered light. If you’ve got a pool table or gaming table, you may want to work with a new design with a vintage touch. These lights tend to be quite focused and create a pool of light on the playing area.

Pendant lights in your kitchen can feature clear glass or frosted glass fixtures. These light sources can go a long way toward fully lighting your kitchen and your dining room. Plus, they have the added benefit of providing task lighting for areas where you may be handling knives or other tools.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a wonderful way to add a sleek, modern touch to any space. If you have an attic with a sloping roof, use recessed lighting to banish dark corners. Should you have a basement that you want to put to better use, add recessed lighting for a smooth, finished ceiling.

In any case, make sure you invest in recessed lights that can be dimmed. Dimming recessed lights makes it much easier to use computer screens and see your television. If that new basement space will be a family room or a movie viewing area, recessed lighting will help set the mood for fun and relaxation. With the lights low, you can enjoy a movie and avoid tripping or stubbing your toe.

Highlight Your Art

You can also turn a set of family photos into a quality work of art with detailed lighting on the images. Perhaps you have a set of sepia-toned photographs from years past. You can group these, light them warmly, and celebrate the history of your family.

Your San Angelo, TX home can be made safer and more comfortable with indoor lighting solutions from Legacy Electric, so give us a call today to learn more.