Power Strip Safety: Tips for Safe and Effective Usage

Using a power strip is a great way to expand the use of your electrical outlets. These can work very well when you have multiple devices you need to plug in at the same time. However, power strips can also become dangerous and cause a hazard in your home if not used properly. Review the following tips to remain safe and protect your home.

Avoid Overloading Your Power Strip

Power strips have a maximum capacity that you should not exceed. Before using one, you should review the power rating to ensure the strip is not overloaded. This information is usually detailed on the packaging or on the strip itself. You can also check online for these details if you cannot find them on the device. Often, you will learn to avoid high-energy appliances like air conditioners, space heaters, and microwave ovens.

Choose a Power Strip With Surge Protection

Power surges are unexpected increases in the power voltage within your home. If this boost is strong enough, it can impair or permanently harm the electronic devices plugged into your home’s outlets. To prevent this from occurring, use power strips with surge protection added. These will shield your appliances from electrical surges.

Keep Your Power Strip Away From Water

Using electronic devices in moist or wet areas is always risky since the water can induce short circuits, damage the device, and potentially initiate a fire. As a result, it is essential to keep power strips away from water sources to avoid electrocution and other related injuries. Keeping your power strip in dry locations also ensures the longevity of your appliances.

Avoid Daisy-Chaining Power Strips

Daisy-chaining power strips involves plugging one power strip into another. While this is a common practice, it can be hazardous to your household as it can overload your circuits and cause various issues. Instead, it is better to join your devices with a wall outlet or use a single power strip with sufficient energy for your needs. Taking the appropriate route prevents electrical shocks, burns, and fires.

In conclusion, power strips are a convenient way to expand the abilities of your electrical outlets, but they can also pose a risk of electrical hazards if you do not use them correctly. A better alternative is to reach out to a local electrician for electrical upgrades and other improvements. If you consistently need power strips in your San Angelo, TX home, contact our team at Legacy Electric to add more outlets and upgrade your electrical system.