Room in apartment before and after renovation works

Lighting Upgrade Ideas to Cut Down Your Energy Bill

With so many new lighting options available, upgrades are a great way to cut costs while brightening your home. Switching to more efficient lighting can significantly save on energy bills. Explore the following strategies to save energy and reduce costs through these lighting upgrade ideas.

Improve Energy Efficiency

LED lighting demands less energy than incandescent bulbs, and the bulbs often last significantly longer. You can choose from cool or warm white-colored bulbs, and some manufacturers offer colored LED bulbs to add flair to your home décor. LED lighting also produces much less heat than incandescent bulbs, making it a safer option. Unlike incandescent lights, LED lights won’t warm up the room during the heat of summer, which can help you save even more on energy costs.

Consider using light fixtures with motion sensors so your lighting comes on only as needed. This tip works with any lighting, not just LED bulbs.

Make the Most of Nature’s Light

Natural light is a free resource, and by installing skylights and uncovering windows, you can use less artificial lighting during daylight hours. For people who love integrating technology into their homes, consider adding smart window blinds. They can adjust their position with the sunlight, automatically maximizing the amount of natural illumination. This option particularly makes sense for high or hard-to-reach windows.

Use Dimmers and Timers

You can install dimmer switches that adjust the brightness of your lights to conserve energy. Reduce artificial light usage during daylight hours, and keep lighting low in the evenings during activities like movie nights. Dimmers are an excellent tool for creating a warm, cozy ambiance in your home. Some light bulbs are incompatible with dimmers, so take note of the type of bulbs you need for dimmable fixtures to ensure compatibility.

Install light fixtures with timers so lights stay on for a set period, then turn themselves off. This option works well with motion-activated lighting, so the lights stay on as long as they detect motion and shut off once the room stays empty for a set period.

Go Solar

You don’t need to install solar panels to take advantage of solar lighting in your yard. You can save on energy costs by adding outdoor lights that charge during the day with the sun’s rays and light up automatically at dusk. Solar lights are available in many designs and sizes, with different features for various applications.

Another way to take advantage of the sun’s rays is by installing solar tubes in your home. These cylindrical structures use reflection to bring natural light into dark rooms. They are similar to skylights, but their cylindrical shape uses a mirrored interior and diffusion to control the light. These tubular devices can work where traditional skylights or windows do not fit.

Get a Professional Assessment of Your Energy Use

Lighting upgrades can bring more ambiance and beauty to your environment and provide significant long-term energy savings. By harnessing natural light resources and switching to energy-efficient lighting solutions, you might be surprised at the difference it makes to your monthly energy bill. To find out more about these and other great ways to cut energy usage in your San Angelo, TX home, schedule a consultation to discuss lighting options with our professionals at Legacy Electric today.