What Every Parent Needs To Know About Childproofing Electrical Outlets

When you walk around your home, it can be shocking to focus on counting the number of items that you have plugged into your home’s electrical system. It is quickly apparent that almost everything in our lives takes power these days. Everything has a charger or plug to bring it to life, from the phone that is always by your side to the many small appliances in the kitchen. But as you have acquired all of this technology and those time-saving tools, have you thought about the added strain it could be placing on your home’s electrical system? Have you noticed that you are finding creative ways to add power strips? Then it could be time to consider an electrical upgrade for your sanity and safety.

Start With Function

When you begin a visual inspection of your home’s electrical components, start with the most essential feature, the electrical panel. This is the box that houses all the circuit breakers for your home, hopefully. If the box actually contains fuses, then you can stop your research and call (325) 221-3616 immediately. Any home that is still using fuses rather than breakers is decades past due for an electrical upgrade.

But let’s suppose that you have located the box, and it does contain breakers. That does not mean that you are off the hook for an upgrade. If you do not remember when the electrical panel was installed or think it is original to the home, it could be severely outdated. In addition, the breakers could be so old that they are not providing the safety that you need for each circuit in your house or the wiring.

Breakers have a life expectancy of around 15 years at the outside. After that time, they can become unreliable and difficult or impossible to reset if they are tripped. Unless the electrical panel is inspected and serviced regularly by a licensed electrician, you will have no idea of the reliability of these safety devices. And the only way you will know that they have failed is after the damage is already done and your devices are damaged, or there is an electrical fire in your home. If you cannot pinpoint the age of this essential piece of electrical equipment, call in the professionals at Legacy Electric for an inspection and safety check.

Some Visual Clues

Take a look around your home for GFCI outlets. These are the ones with the tiny red button in the center. These safety outlets are required in any potentially moist areas of your home. However, that section of the electrical code was not created until 1975. So if your home does not have GFCI outlets, you know that the electrical system is from the early 70s at best. And it is time to have the entire system inspected to determine its reliability and safety.

Another visual clue that your electrical system is outdated is the standard outlet style in your house. If all the outlets are designed for two-prong plugs, not three-prong, the system is far past its prime. An inspection is likely to reveal very old wiring and electrical service that is not adequate to meet the needs of the modern home. And while you think everything is working perfectly, chances are that is not the case. Overloaded circuits and electrical wiring are the leading causes of electrical fires.

Call (325) 221-3616 to schedule an inspection from Legacy Electric to avoid this tragic and potentially life-threatening event. Our pro will provide you with a detailed list of all the upgrades needed to ensure the safety and function of your home’s electrical system.