Pendant Lights accent Rooms

Before You Paint or Renovate, Consider Improving the Lighting

If your home is feeling a bit stale and in need of a refresh, you may be considering a renovation or a new paint color. However, you can make big changes with much less work by updating the lighting fixtures inside your home. Many lighting updates can include dimmers or focusing tools to put your lights to work in your space.

Use Recessed Lighting for Effect

If you’ve seen recessed lighting in ceilings, you know that these fixtures offer a great way to gently light a large room. You can also put recessed lighting inside a wall or even the floor. Imagine the possibilities!

You could add recessed lighting to the floor of an entryway to make it easier to enter the place quietly and safely after dark. Consider adding it to the walls of a space with a low ceiling. If you have a gable where you enjoy reading, lighting it from the side might make it easier to relax and enjoy the space.

Customize Your Media Room

If you love to get together with family and friends for movie night, updating the lighting tools in your media room can greatly increase your enjoyment of the space. Add fixtures that can be dimmed for best movie viewing, or consider custom task lighting for video game controllers.

Those who work from home may appreciate lighting tools that will cut down on glare that can be distracting on a computer screen. Quality lighting tools that can be dimmed or directed can make each room in your home more comfortable.

Keep Workspaces Safe

Task lighting over islands and countertops can be the difference between dinner and a few stitches. Add task lighting under cabinets so you can see exactly what you are doing with that knife and cutting board. Think about installing pendants over your island for prettier food presentation as well.

Show Off Your Favorite Artwork

Take a walk around your house. Do your keepsakes stand out, or are they dim and fading into the background? A careful discussion about lighting may be just what you need to brighten your most precious pieces of art.

Quality lighting that focuses directly on such a piece can radically change the look of your space. You might also choose to focus on a particular piece of furniture with a larger fixture or a filter to alter the color of the light in the space.

Don’t rearrange your possessions or hire painters before you talk to a lighting professional! If your San Angelo, TX home needs a touch of transformative summer indoor lighting, call Legacy Electric for a consultation about what’s possible in your space.