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5 Reasons to Comply With the Electrical Code

When it comes to working on your electrical system, it’s tempting to do it yourself, and do it as simply as possible. Unfortunately, when you take that approach, it’s easy to do things that aren’t exactly according to the current code. Consider these five reasons why it’s important to comply with electrical codes.

1. Reduce the Risk of Injury

One of the most significant reasons to adhere to the electrical code is to prevent injury. Homeowners in San Angelo, TX must comply with both national and local codes. They regulate the installation and use of circuits, wires, service panels, cables, fixtures, and boxes. Codes cover topics like where to place GFCI outlets, the kind of wiring needed for various applications, proper circuit protection, and more. When you neglect to keep up with current regulations, the risk of serious shock increases significantly. Proper adherence to electrical codes also reduces the number of extension cords, which can overload your circuits and become a tripping hazard.

2. Prevent Property Damage

An electrical short can easily cause a home fire. In fact, there are an estimated 51,000 home electrical fires in the United States each year, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI). Wiring that doesn’t follow the codes can generate excessive heat, leading to a fire. As residential electrical demands increase, many older homes simply cannot keep up with today’s needs. This puts these homes at significant risk for damage from subpar electrical systems.

3. Maintain Your Homeowner’s Insurance

The last thing you want if you have an electrical fault or fire is to have your homeowner’s insurance claim denied. However, that’s precisely what might happen if you don’t comply with the current building code. The only way to protect yourself and ensure you have coverage when needed is to pull a permit for any electrical work you complete. Obtaining a permit means you’ll also have an inspection to ensure everything is up to the current codes.

4. Reduce the Cost of Renovations

Whenever you have significant renovations to your home, you’ll need to pull building permits. When the inspector comes to check things, he or she may check things that aren’t limited to the renovated areas, such as your circuit board panel. If anything is not up to the current codes, it may need to be updated before you can get final approval. Working to keep your electrical system updated helps prevent ballooning costs for home improvement projects.

5. Eliminate Delays When Selling Your Home

You may not notice performance issues in daily functions if part of your electrical system is not code compliant. However, when you go to sell your home, you have to disclose any issues it may have, including non-compliant electrical. Even if you legitimately don’t know of any issues, the buyer’s inspection will uncover it. If it’s not previously disclosed, this can cause hiccups in the closing process.

Don’t risk your home, safety, or ability to sell your home because your electrical system is outdated. Call Legacy Electric to schedule your San Angelo electrical system upgrade consultation with our expert electricians.