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4 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Fall Season

One of the easiest ways to decorate your outdoor space for fall is to add the right kind of lighting. Outdoor lighting improves the aesthetics of the entire outdoor space as well as puts everyone in the mood. Moreover, it increases safety at night. That said, below are outdoor lighting options that are great for fall.

1. Light Your Fire Pits and Other Outdoor Fireplaces

This can be confusing since fire pits often put out their own lights when lit. However, you cannot rely on firelight alone. The thing is, when natural coals are dying or gas logs are burning low, you may find it difficult to spot potential tripping hazards in your yard at night.

Therefore, to avoid finding yourself in such a situation, be sure to light your fire pits and other outdoor fireplaces. To do this perfectly, consider a soft and indirect lighting approach around your fire pit. Soft lighting will not compete with the glow the flames produce.

2. Place String Lights in and Around Your Outdoor Fall Centerpieces

Centerpieces are ideal for outdoor kitchen counters and tables. However, if you also want to make them useful under the night sky, consider lighting them up by carefully placing string lights in and around them.

To avoid inconveniences that come with having to find an outlet, go for battery-powered lights. Furthermore, ensure you pick waterproof outdoor string lights that can stand up to the elements.

3. Add Some Decorative Lighting to Your Backyard’s Entryway

When you add some decorative lighting to your backyard’s entryway, you will not just improve the aesthetics of the entire place, but you will also provide a lit pathway at night. Consider putting some lights in or around gourds and pumpkins, for instance. Once you have done that, arrange the gourds and pumpkins in your backyard’s entryway. Just remember to use lights that give off less heat to reduce the risk of fires. Some of the lights recommended for this outdoor lighting idea are lower-voltage LEDs.

4. Wrap String Lights Around Trees

It’s hard to go wrong with lighted trees, especially during fall when the leaves of most trees have fallen away and left behind more trunks and branches to decorate. The best way to decorate the trees in your yard is to wrap string or rope lights around them.

Solar-powered string lights are an excellent option since they eliminate the need for an outlet. However, fall weather tends to have less sunlight, which means the only option is to find an outlet to help power your string lights.

The above outdoor lighting ideas are perfect for fall since they help create a warm and inviting outdoor space. Contact Legacy Electric if you need professional lighting services in San Angelo, TX.