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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Lighting to Brighten Up Your Home

In addition to brightening up your home, upgrading your lighting has other benefits, such as improving the mood from room to room, boosting productivity in your home office and kitchen, making your house fun to live in, and increasing the resale value of your property. Below, we share with you the top practical ways to improve the lighting in your home.

1. Replace Incandescent/Fluorescent Bulbs With LEDs

Fluorescent or incandescent bulbs may be cheap, but they’re not long-lasting. Plus, they consume too much energy. LEDs are what you can describe as today’s premier lighting bulbs. They’re durable, nontoxic, energy-efficient, and produce very little heat when turned on.

They also produce consistent light throughout a home; hence, they’ll brighten up your living space as imagined. For best results, it’s advisable that you replace all the bulbs at your residence with LEDs. If you’re unable to because of a tight budget, you can start by replacing frequently used fixtures to save energy and cut costs.

2. Consider Layering Your Lighting

Interior lighting fixtures are mostly divided into three categories: accent, ambient, and task lighting. Accent lighting is used to make objects in a room appear more captivating, while ambient lighting is used to spread light in a space, often in an overhead format. Task lighting, on the other hand, serves a specific role and helps to conserve energy.

According to lighting experts, you should have all three lighting fixtures for your room to stay well-lit and preserve its aesthetics. The art of combining accent, task, and ambient lighting is referred to as light layering, and it offers a stunning way to light up your rooms without dealing with high energy consumption.

3. Install Chandeliers in the Least Expected Places

A chandelier works great in a large room or a space with high ceilings. It gives rooms an awe-inspiring appeal with its touch of class and delicate styling. If your living space isn’t so large, you can still benefit from a chandelier, only you’ll have to be a bit more creative.

One idea is to have your local electrician install a chandelier in an unexpected place, such as an area that sees a lot of foot traffic but may not benefit from the ambient lighting of your living room. Good examples of these areas are the foyer and entryway. Installing a chandelier in the entryway will give your house a chic look and make it more inviting than ever.

When it comes to upgrading your lighting to brighten up your home, the first thing to consider is investing in LED bulbs because they offer sufficient illumination without consuming a lot of energy. Also, consider light layering, not to mention having a professional install a chandelier in the least expected places, like the entryway. To improve your lighting in San Angelo, TX, call Legacy Electric today.