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3 Electrical Problems in Your Home That You Should Not Ignore

The electrical system in your home is essential for everyday living, but it is often an afterthought until you experience a problem. Electrical problems are serious safety concerns and can lead to shocks and fires. The electrical system in your home is extremely complex and can be difficult to diagnose. Legacy Electric in San Antonio, Texas has a team of licensed electricians that can handle any electrical problem in your home. We will discuss three of the most common electrical problems that you may experience in your home.

1. Limited or Dead Outlets

If your home does not have enough power outlets, this issue is more about safety than convenience. A limited number of outlets can lead to the overloading of functioning outlets and of tripping circuit breakers. Homes with limited outlets can also lead to the use of more extension cords, which can cause power surges and other safety concerns.

Such issues are especially likely if the cord is not rated for its particular use. Properly rated extension cords and surge protectors should only be a temporary solution to limited or dead outlets. An electrician should be contacted as soon as possible to correct this issue.

A dead outlet is a serious safety issue and should not be tampered with. When an outlet is not working, it means that an electrical issue exists in the circuit for that outlet. This could be burned wires, a malfunctioning circuit breaker, or broken connections. A dead outlet should be repaired immediately to prevent fires or other hazards.

2. Circuit Breaker Problems

A circuit breaker is one of the most important components in your electrical system. It is designed to interrupt power to a circuit when a short or surge occurs. It is normal for a breaker to trip occasionally when you have a known cause. This could be multiple large appliances and other devices being used at once on a stormy day in San Antonio. A breaker that trips frequently for no known reason is typically the sign of a problem that should be corrected immediately. An electrician at Legacy Electric can diagnose your circuit breaker issues.

3. Power Surges or Dips

A power surge happens when there is a spike in electricity in your home. This can be caused by lightning strikes or issues with the power grid in your neighborhood. Surge protectors can help protect your appliances against surges. A dip or sag happens when there is a drop in the voltage in your home. This can lead to dim lights or appliances suddenly turning off and then back on.

If you have surge protectors installed and there is no known outside issue that the surge or dip can be related to, then you should contact an electrician at Legacy Electric to diagnose the issue.